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"i was so hyped after doing this, i could not sleep thinking about the tricks i needed to learn next. this is addictive! thank you so much"

Lily V.

Welcome to Flyboard Nation!

Have you ever wanted to fly like Iron Man? Well now you can with the awesome new product called the Flyboard! It's the coolest new thing in extreme water sports, and you will have a blast! Dive in and out of the water like a dolphin! Fly up to 35 feet in the air! Come see us at West Lake Park, Hickory Creek, Texas.

Dallas Morning News interview

Joe, 23, and his cousin, Jared Upshaw, 22, from Garland, discovered the flyboard in January when they saw a YouTube video of a man flying like Iron Man. They agreed: They wanted to fly, too. Flyboarding is an emerging extreme water sport, invented just two years ago by French jet ski builder and racing champ Franky Zapata. Riders strap their feet into boots like a wakeboard, a jet ski shoots water through a firehose and out a Y-shaped tube on the bottom of the board, and away they go. Click Here to read more.